You might think the fashion industry and food are not the best of friends. You can't be blamed for thinking that — what with the fashion industry's ubiquitous love affair with diet culture and the very real danger of getting sauce on your favorite couture staple piece. But that's not always the case: Many editors, photographers, models and fashion professionals looking forward to fitting in delicious meals between fashion week shows. Over the years they've settled on some favorites in Paris, Milan and New York. We asked them which places are worth risking a bit of spillage.

Alyssa Vingan Klein

Editor in chief, 

Alyssa Vingan Klein

I love Paper Moon. This place has a line formed outside every night before it opens, but it was recommended to me so many times that I stuck it out the last time I was in Milan. I suggest going with friends and ordering a bunch of pastas and plates to share — everything I tried was impossibly delicious. Best spaghetti with clams I’ve ever had! 

Princi is a solid bakery chain that has become my go-to when I get hungry in between shows. They have fresh pizzas and focaccia bread in square pans that they cut with scissors, which can be dangerous when you’re starving since you choose the size. And while I’ve never tried the desserts, they look heavenly.

My first Airbnb in Milan was in a hip neighborhood that really came alive after dark. This place Rugantino was always hopping, even around midnight when it stops serving food. Once all my reviews were filed and I was ready to unwind, I’d head here for a glass of wine and a bowl of cacio e pepe.  

Paper Moon, Via Bagutta, 1, 20121 Milan, Italy. 
+39 02 7602 2297;
Princi, various locations, Milan, Italy.
Rugantino, Via dei Fabbri, 1, 20123 Milan, Italy. +39 02 8942 1404;



Brendan Ordonez

Vice president, BCPM

Brendan Ordonez

There are a couple of places in Paris that I have to visit without fail. First is a tiny Jewish deli called La Boutique Jaune, and they make the most delicious turkey sandwich with mustard on a giant roll. It’s in Le Marais tucked away on a tiny side street, so after grabbing a bite you can walk it off while shopping. For dinner I love going Chez Julien, also in Le Marais, for the chateaubriand and a glass of wine. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside, and it is just out of the way enough that it isn’t too sceney, although I’ve had a few big-name designers seated next to me on a few occasions.

La Boutique Jaune, 27 rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France. +33 1 42 72 78 91;
Chez Julien, 1 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris, France. +33 1 42 78 31 64;

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Tereza Bouchalova


via Website

After a long week I like to go to Uncle Boons. It’s the tastiest food in New York City, and definitely the best Thai in the city. My favorite is the yum kai hua pli, which is a chicken and banana salad. I also love their massaman curry — it’s otherworldly. 

7 Spring St., New York, NY. +1 646-370-6650;

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Marc-André Capeder

Deputy managing editor, Friday Magazine

via Website

When I'm in Milan for fashion week I make sure to always go to L'Arabesque at least once. I love the vintage-inspired atmosphere, the tufted velvet chairs and the elegant marble floors. If you're lucky, you might lunch next to Milan’s It squad, Gilda Ambrosio as well as Giorgia and Giulia Tordini. After lunch I indulge in some shopping — L'Arabesque is also a beautiful shop with a lot of fashion collectibles, carefully curated beauty products and books.

Via Francesco Sforza ang. Largo Augusto, 20122 Milan, Italy. +39 02 7634 1477;

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Jonathan Paciullo

Street style photographer, Frenchy Style

Jonathan Paciullo

When I am in New York, Chelsea Thai at Chelsea Market is where I go most of time because it’s close to fashion week venues such as Milk or Industria. I also love Ippudo Westside if I have more time. I’ll have one or two Kirins and edamame while I’m waiting for a table and before I get my ramen. 

Chelsea Thai, Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Ave., New York, NY. +1 212-924-2999
Ippudo, 321 W. 51st St., New York, NY. +1 212-974-2500;

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Emma Linnea Gradin


via Facebook

During fashion week I'm not the food monster I am usually. Fashion week is when I cut carbs and sugar, but ‘Cesca on the Upper West Side always has great options whether I am on a diet or go all out.

164 W. 75th St., New York, NY. +1 212-787-6300;​

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