As summer closes and fall begins, nowhere is the seasonal contrast more stark than in Scandinavia — and their fashion and furniture reflect it. Whether you're in search of some Viking virility or a modern sense of sharpness, here are our picks for the most celebrated trends and serendipitous styles to be found up north.


Denmark: Malene Birger

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Earthy tones, cool color schemes and an extremely informed sense of simplicity all make Malene Birger the beautiful brand that it is today. From elegant bags to exquisite outerwear, this top-tier Danish designer's pieces prove that upscale fashion doesn't have to be excessive to attract meaningful attention. Just ask Instagram.  


Sweden: J. Lindeberg

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The spare yet daring approach of J. Lindeberg is an impressive balancing act. On one hand, the label embraces the almost Zen-like minimalism that many Swedish fashion houses are known for — yet within those constraints, the designers always pull off a distinctive edginess. Whether for athletic, casual or formal purposes, J. Lindeberg's looks communicate a feeling of innate youthfulness and suave sophistication at once.  


Norway: Epilogue

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Women’s wear is a tricky game  whenever you play down one aesthetic aspect, you inevitably end up emphasizing something else. But if anyone knows how to highlight all the right things, it’s Norway’s Epilogue. Clearing away all the usual clutter, Epilogue, as its name suggests, is the completion of a visual story.



Denmark: Normann

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Though quite utilitarian, Normann’s designs preserve a great deal of whimsy as well. These furniture pieces and interior accessories have a dynamic, lifelike quality to their curvature along with just the right amount of color. Be assured that this kind of playful duality can only come out of Copenhagen.

Sweden: Blå Station

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That lovable big blue box is not the be-all and end-all of Swedish furniture. Right on the southeast Swedish coast is Blå, a family-owned furniture company that’s as dynamic and disruptive as the nearby sea. Having partnered for projects with Bauhaus, Microsoft and many others, this firm is constantly churning out impressive reimaginings of chairs, coffee tables and just about any other interior item. 

Norway: Andreas Bergsaker

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Andreas Bergsaker is an exquisite creator, making thoughtful, nature-inspired interior pieces using everything from beech wood to cast aluminum. His delicate and dignified approach is why, for example, his lampshades make for subtle yet memorable mood lighting. Whatever you pick up, it's sure to have a welcoming and organic feel.  

By Jesse Van Mouwerik

Berlin-based illustrator and columnist Jesse Van Mouwerik is an avid fan of art, whisky sours and being alive. When the aliens land, he will draw them a picture.