Instead of doling out generic gift options for the holidays, we created 10 diverse guides, each one targeted to a specific character. This one is for your cat who has a friend — sorry, for your friend who has a cat. Of course, as any semi-sane person who cohabitates with a feline overlord will tell you, the best thing you can gift them is patience, a buttload of hair-remover rollers, and indestructible furniture. Or just make them smile with these seven finds below.

Bow Tie

Nobody puts kitten in the corner

Gentlecat Milky Joe from Los Angeles via Facebook

We all know that Prince William, Duke of Meowbridge, believes he is the crown prince of all the lands. Exclude him from your gift list at your own risk. But to avoid feet attacks, present His Royal Highness with a chic self-tie bow tie from Cat in Berlin. Just don't take it personally when he looks like he hates it. —Eleni Zoe​

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Catnip Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Sweet kitty, warm kitty, purr, purr, purr....

Catnip Chocolate Covered Strawberries via Website

Because cats love treats too, these handmade fleece strawberries filled with organic catnip will surely make your cat-lover friend and their fluffball happy. Your friend, because they're cute (unlike the fish and mice scattered around their floor). Their cat, because CATNIIIIIIIIIP. —Ethel Dilouambaka

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Backpack A Series 

I will take you to the moon and back

Backpack A Series via Website

Let's face it: Vet time is never a good time. And part of Buffy's frustration lies with the suffocating carrier in which she's being confined. Instead, let her be an astrocat: These backpacks allow your cat to stand up straight and explore, like the curious creature that she is. —Danai Christopoulou

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Mens & Cats

The best of both worlds

'Men & Cats' by Marie-Eva Gatuingt & Alice Chaygneaud

Based on the chic French Tumblr account Des Hommes et des Chatons, Men & Cats is a coffee table book that pairs sexy fellas with adorable cats. Each clever match-up juxtaposes drool-worthy photos of male heartthrobs with pics of cute kitties striking similar poses. The result? A truly dreamy combination of washboard abs and whiskers! —Serena Matter

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Sip Sip Tumbler

Here kitty kitty

Sip Sip Tumbler with Straw via Website is basically catnip for most women. And its Kittens Get Thirsty Too tumbler (with acrylic straw) is the required accessory for all non-crazy cat ladies. If your feline-obsessed friend still doesn't have one of these babies, you can be sure she has seen it on Pinterest and wants it. —Eleni Zoe​​

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Ears, Whiskers and Cocktails Flask

Nip a sip

Ears, Whiskers and Cocktails Flask via Website

Perfect for those nights when you come back late from work and Buffy has decided to let you know she does not approve of your behavior by knocking over your drying rack and chewing your favorite ballerinas. You just assess the situation and then open the flask and take a few sips, all the while calmly reminding yourself how much you love cats. —Danai Christopoulou

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Cat Shelf Wall Bed

Just hanging out

Cat Shelf Wall Bed via Etsy

For the fussy feline who isn’t satisfied with a conventional cat bed, a sure bet is a wall bed from Like Kittysville. Solid enough for even the plumpest cat to pounce on, this handmade bed is as cozy as can be, giving kitty a cradle up high from which she can keep tabs on her domain. P.S. Fifty fabric options are available for those with a discerning eye (which is, of course, every cat on the planet). —Serena Matter

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