We are so fond of your mighty stylish home — tech-less living room, artisan accents, subway tiles. But on the 22nd of April, we praise your other, bigger home, the one decorated with dense forests, pounding waterfalls and cloud-shrouded mountaintops. That is, we celebrate Earth, the home you share with us and every other living being. And if any place is in need of spring cleaning, it's our planet. This Earth Day, take action by making some small, meaningful changes in your daily life. Not sure where to start? Our guide helps everyone live more sustainably and consciously, whatever your personality. Because green is the new black.

For the Party Animal

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How many times have you thrown a party and had to fill your shopping basket with non-recyclable plastic tableware and other trinkets? We're all for making life easier, but with Eco Party Time we don’t have to feel guilty about it anymore. With nearly 700 reusable, organic, natural and recycled products to choose from, your special occasion will be stylish and memorable in an ecofriendly way.  


For the Summer Lover

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You're a fish out of water in autumn, winter and even spring. But when summer comes, you unleash your potential and show off your aquatic skills with pirouettes and flips in the azure waters. Adoring summer and surrendering to the dazzling sun is a wonderful thing  as long as you remember to apply sunscreen regularly and use products that are safe for the waters you splish splash in. Tons of sunscreen wash off our bodies every year, and the chemicals in these lotions damage coral reefs. Badger sunscreen is the safe, biodegradable alternative to the harmful ingredients that damage underwater life. With so many different options (children, active, sport and daily sunscreens), there are no excuses not to go natural this summer. 


For the Movie Buff

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You're always up for stovetop popcorn, a glass of wine and a good movie. You can't really go wrong with a film that involves Leonardo DiCaprio, including the 2016 documentary Before the Flood. Leo, acting as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, records evidence of climate change in five continents and the Arctic. But he leaves us with an optimistic message  with the technologies and resources available to us, we can take control of the situation. Find out how and become part of the solution. 


For the Techie

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As the Chinese proverb goes, "One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade." Replace your default browser with Ecosia to support planting trees that help threatened forest ecosystems and poor agricultural communities. In a world where 15 billion trees are cut down every year, every tree counts! Your children and children’s children will be grateful. Protect Earth's lungs, and Earth will breathe life in return.


For the Coffee Addict

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If we told you that your morning pleasure, an intense and aromatic cuppa, harms our planet, wouldn’t you like to know how you can stop the damage? Tayst coffee has revolutionized the distribution of single-serve coffee, replacing the plastic nonbiodegradable capsules with 100 percent compostable pods. Pour the brew of the finest beans in your cup and feed the soil with nutrients.


For the Fashion Icon

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When we say piña, what comes to mind? Besides colada. Then beaches. Hammocks. Really, isn't it time for a vacation? Okay, before things go too far, we're talking about Piña with a capital P. This knitwear label uses pineapple fibers combined with cotton to create scarves and handbags. Skillful hands extract the fibers from the leaves, turn them into thread and weave the fabric. Piña is a Philippines-based enterprise that sources the raw materials from local farmers, and the yarn is dyed with natural dyes from plant pigments. Support the revival of this old tradition of organic fabric production and make a sustainable fashion statement.


For the Good Samaritan

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If you feel like becoming part of a community and connecting with others while saving the world, engage with an organization. We are particularly fond of the U.K.-based Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, or WWT — not only does it conserve the primary source of drinking water for humans and wildlife (wetlands), but it also directly connects us with nature through canoe safaris, wildlife encounters and other events. We are in a sixth mass extinction that you can help stop today by ... feeding a duck. For a start. 


For the Globe-Trotter

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Sustainability and luxury hold out the olive branch, and together present the sustainably luxe East, Miami hotel in Miami's downtown neighborhood of Brickell. Set foot on the energy-efficient outdoor pool and deck area to experience a modern design that incorporates ancient feng shui elements. East, Miami is part of Brickell City Centre, which is home to an architectural masterpiece called the Climate Ribbon, which captures trade winds from the ocean, bringing you a natural breeze and shading the shops and terraces directly exposed to sunlight. The complex's efficiency is unstoppable  to reduce water, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, the hotel uses a mechanism that regulates water pressure, has a water-loss prevention system in case of leaks, and collects rainwater for the cooling tower and landscaping. Protect the planet while making the most of Miami’s man-made wonder.

By Maria Iotova

A wanderer at heart, when people ask her where she comes from Maria says, "It's complicated." She feels that understanding people and reading books are the best investments in life. Her favorite artist is her dad, and these days she is fixated on making dreams come true.