Greenery is Pantone's color of the year, and word on the street is that plants are overtaking food on Instagram. What better excuse is there to include some botanical vibes in your home? To assist in your green-fingered goals, here are 10 of the best Instagram accounts to follow for ultimate plant inspiration.

The Jungalow 


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Whenever a new plant catches my eye and magically falls into my cart, I head straight for @thejungalow. Started by the talented L.A.-based designer @justinablakeney, The Jungalow showcases interior spaces with heaps of houseplants. Imagine giant cacti, hanging vines and plenty of succulents. If you wish you were perpetually at Coachella and swoon for vivid colors and textures, The Jungalow will move you to add some botanical boho vibes to your home. 


Urban Jungle Blog 

In the same vein (see what I did there?), there’s @urbanjungleblog, whose curators collect and share beautiful plant photos from across Instagram and the internet. Founders Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff prefer a Scandi approach, so they tend to pick images with white walls, natural wood and lots of green buddies. There’s also an accompanying book, Urban Jungle, that’s packed with styling ideas and lots of info for anyone who wants to bring more green into their homes. Check out the hashtag #urbanjunglebloggers and you’ll fall into another rabbit hole of green goodness. 




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One of my most recent discoveries is @still_______, a personal feed from Amsterdam-based photographer Janneke Luursema, who shares images of her houseplants. Unlike other accounts on this list, her photos are minimalist, with a moody color palette. Scrolling through her feed will cause major home envy, but will also inspire you to create small jungles in unexpected places in your own home.  


Mama Botanica

Another Amsterdam-based plant wizard, is indeed the mother of plants. It is not confirmed that she talks to her plants, but she does talk to her followers. She shares the names of all the plants you’ll see on her feed, so you finally know what to ask for the next time you’re at your local nursery. 


Alea Joy 


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Follow @aleajoy for some of the most dreamy flowers on the 'gram. Joy is a florist from Portland, Oregon, and she shares photos of her shop, Solabee Flowers & Botanicals; her home; and behind-the-scenes photos of events. Her floral wreaths are the stuff of fairy tales and you will want to re-create them at your next girly gathering.  


Plants on Pink

The name of this feed is self-explanatory. Plants. On pink. And it is as lovely as you’d expect. Dutch artist Lotte Van Baalen started this project in May 2015 and since then followers from around the world have lined up to find the best plants against a pink backdrop. The only problem with @plantsonpink​ is that it'll make you want to paint your walls pink just so your flowers can look good. If you can’t, just keep your eyes peeled for any pink walls you spot in your city with green plants hanging around. Remember to use the hashtag #plantsonpink when you do. Pretty in pink just got a whole new meaning.


Loose Leaf

Okay, so you may not ever be able to reach the plants goals you’ll see on @looseleaf__, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow them. Husband-and-wife team Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler are the minds behind the Melbourne-based botanical designs and floral art studio Loose Leaf. They create avant-garde plant installations for exhibitions and events, as well as otherworldly creations for weddings. 




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A plant without a planter is like Donald Duck from the waist down: naked. Terra-cotta pots are classic, but if you’re looking to make a statement, check out @yiyi.mendoza​. This is the home of ceramic artist Yiyi Mendoza, who creates gorgeous ceramic planters and vases by hand and in small batches. Inspired by her Mexican roots, she crafts texturally rich pots in ecru and black that are succulents' best friends.


Cree Ryan

One of the easiest ways to add green to your home when you don’t have space left on the ground is to think vertically and hang those babies up. That’s how I found Manitoba-based Nicole Ryan, a macrame artist who makes plant hangers. Her Instagram feed showcases her work as well as her collection of lush plants. Warning: Her photos may trigger an urge to bring more of the outdoors in, and also cause you to want to make your own macrame. Luckily, for those in central Canada, she also hosts workshops every so often.


Living Pattern 


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If you’re reading this list with the cursor hovering over the X button, because deep in your heart of hearts you know that you don’t have a single horticultural bone in your body, don’t despair. There’s always @livingpattern. Botanical artist Jenny Kiker creates watercolor paintings and illustrations of some of Instagram’s most famous plants (monstera deliciosa, cacti) but her true love is the fern. Her stream features photos of her work, the plants that inspire them and her new puppy, Fitz. (Aw!) Start with an illustration, and if you don’t ruin that, go for the real thing. 

By Eleni Zoe

Jo'burg born, London-educated, Athens-based. Eleni Zoe is a copywriter, daily chai drinker and the curator of Cats & Greece