In honor of International Women's Day on March 8, we've compiled a list of 10 ladies from around the globe whose feeds inspire us daily. Whether they're sharing snaps of (and musings on) food, travel, business or day-to-day life, these fab females have their Insta-game on lock.



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These days almost every type of food has a corresponding IG account for the perpetually hungry — just witness the genius that is @will_it_waffle or @idream0fsushi. And while all that food porn is fun to ogle, to answer the pressing question of what to make for dinner, you need to turn to Mandy Lee's brilliant food mash-ups. Oyster gumbo pot pie, curried lentil shrimp croquettes and tuna melt chili rice balls are just a few of the complex and unexpected flavor pairings you'll salivate over. Each photo and recipe is unapologetically gluttonous, with witty captions that will have you coming back for seconds.



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A self-described creative wizard, Sian Richardson is one of the coolest business coaches we've ever come across — and lucky for us, she regularly peppers her feed with nuggets of her badass biz wisdom. With a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach, she serves up solid career advice about everything from the rules of brand building to getting off the hype wagon. Whether you're an entrepreneur already in start-up mode or you're looking to break out of the 9-to-5 but haven't yet taken the leap, you'll want to follow Sian for major career inspo.



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With her discerning eye and refreshingly curious perspective on the world, just about everything in Azita Ardakani's feed is worthy of a double tap. The free-thinking communications strategist's photos are striking in their own right, but it's her insightful captions that keep us enthralled. Expect a mix of clever one-liners alongside longer musings on subjects like social media sabbaticals and why Amsterdammers keep their curtains open. If you want to expand your horizons and open your mind, this is who you should follow.



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As a food reporter with mad photography skills, Erin Ireland's Insta is full of drool-worthy pictures that will make you want to hit the kitchen pronto. But along with her photos comes an important message about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Not only does she show just how delicious eating vegan can be (see her curry chickpea "meatballs" and sweet corn ice cream for proof), but she also uses her feed to bring awareness to the environmental and health impacts of widespread meat consumption. Formerly a die-hard carnivore, Erin's transition to veganism has inspired many others to adopt a more mindful approach to eating. Once you start following her, you'll be tempted to try it yourself.


If you're looking to up your game in the realm of personal development, author and speaker Danielle LaPorte's account is a must follow. A bonafide Insta celeb, Danielle's unconventional advice about emotional growth, spirituality and success has garnered her a cult following worldwide. Along with sharing her reflections on life as we know it, you can expect a daily dose of motivation in the form of #truthbombs like "fearlessness is a fat myth" and "be obsessively grateful." Love it. One quick peek at her profile and you'll be hooked.



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Diana Markosian is a Russian-American photographer who uses her camera to document the simple moments of everyday life around the globe. Her profile is teeming with shots from her extensive travels, which most recently have included Armenia, Haiti and Mexico. Whether it's teatime in Turkey or sheep herding in Georgia, Diana deftly captures the seemingly mundane moments of ordinary people in such a way that you can't help but be drawn to her images.



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This list wouldn't be complete without a dose of wild wanderlust. And there's nobody better to inspire your worldwide explorations (aside from @savoteurco, of course) than Elaine Rystead. One half of the travel blogging duo known as Local Wanderer, Elaine's stellar photography skills can make even the most boring roadside diner look glamorous and oh-so appealing. Between the dreamy ambience of her pics and her smile-inducing captions, it's nonstop double tapping whenever we scroll through her latest posts. We guarantee you'll be similarly inspired.



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Virgie Tovar is a body positivity activist who, as her Instagram bio so aptly puts it, has been "smashing diet culture since 2010." As the creator of #LoseHateNotWeight, she uses her feed to encourage women to embrace their bodies, whatever their shape or size, while continually questioning the messages that the media heaps on us about our physical appearance. She also shares a glimpse into her own life, from her advocacy work to her #ootd posts that prove the terms "plus size" and "fashionista" are so not mutually exclusive.


Career photojournalist Paula Bronstein's award-winning images capture extraordinary moments in the lives of her subjects, from Syrians celebrating their arrival on the shores of Lesvos to candids of Aung San Suu Kyi during Burma's recent elections. In the past two months alone, this globe-trotter has posted snaps and stories from Bhutan, East Timor, Thailand, Afghanistan and Vietnam. For an eye-opening look at both the famous and the nameless behind news headlines, Paula's feed is worth a follow.



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One look at the profile of Wasia Ward, a Trinidadian artist and yoga instructor, and you will most definitely be motivated to take your yoga practice up several notches. Through both photos and videos, she demonstrates poses that will have you doing double takes — and double taps. But just as eye-catching as her asanas is her artwork, which inspired us to pull out a sketchpad on the spot and let those creative juices flow.

By Serena Matter

Serena Matter is a writer, trendspotter and founder of the lifestyle magazine The Wanderlust Report. When she's not uncovering the newest hotspots as Savoteur's Canadian editor, you can find her posting her escapades on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (serenamatter).