We've partnered with TAP, the makers of a wearable strap that turns any surface into a one-handed keyboard. (Did you know you could win one?) Every week, we will be interviewing the people behind some of your favorite brands who are forging a unique path in their own field. As everything we see, touch and experience gets "smarter," there was one person we had to talk to about the Internet of Things (or IoT): Diego Saez Gil of Bluesmart, makers of innovative luggage — you can lock your suitcase remotely from your phone, use your luggage to charge your devices, locate your suitcase anywhere in the world and check the weight of your bag whenever you want. Read on to learn how Bluesmart's user experience will change how you think about traveling.

Everything seems to be getting “smarter.” Why luggage?
That's right, everything is getting "smarter" as a result of the convergence of several technological trends, including the miniaturization of super computers and the ubiquity of the Internet. The idea for reinventing luggage based on these technologies actually came from several problems my co-founders and I had while traveling. An airline lost my bag full of Christmas gifts on a trip to visit my family and it was a big pain. We then learned that 25 million bags are lost by airlines every year. We looked at the luggage industry and realized that the last true innovation that the suitcase received was the addition of wheels, and that happened in the '70s! So we saw a great opportunity to bring new innovation to the luggage space by blending hardware and software and creating a smart travel ecosystem.

Courtesy of Bluesmart

Where do you see the IoT (Internet of Things) going?
We see the Internet of Things expanding in the way that electricity did in the last century. Every object that can become more valuable or more efficient by virtue of being connected and having some computing intelligence attached to it, will. This will have a huge impact both on the industrial front and the consumer front. Billions of new objects will get connected. This will require a lot of development on the software and platform side, as integration and convergence will be key. We are still in the very early days of this wave. 

How will Bluesmart fit into that?
We hope for Bluesmart to become a major platform for the IoT on the travel sphere. We envision having millions of connected travel products moving around the world, helping people travel better and smarter. Additionally, we are building a solid software platform that will allow us to connect diverse services for all the different aspects of the travel journey and beyond.

Courtesy of Bluesmart

What technology do you use to put Bluesmart on the cutting edge?
At Bluesmart we're combining different technologies including GPS, 3G cellular networks, Bluetooth and all sorts of sensors that gather relevant data and store it on our clouds. As crazy as it sounds, the microchip that our suitcases carry is more powerful than the computer that put a man on the moon. Our R&D team is constantly looking at new technologies that we can utilize in future products.

Diego Saez Gil of Bluesmart

In what ways is Bluesmart redefining the luggage space?
We have shown that a suitcase can be as smart and technologically advanced as our smartphones or our smartwatches. We hope to show as well that through the software we can help reduce many of the hassles of [travel] so that people can enjoy their journeys as much as their destinations.

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