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Confused between cinnamon and cilantro, or just want to be more sage with a saucepan? Daily Secret readers can become seasoned chefs, thanks to an exclusive Herb 101 class at kitchenware boutique Pot + Pantry. At this intimate, one-off workshop, apartment dwellers can learn tips and techniques on growing, harvesting, and cooking herbs. The class leader is Naya Peterson, whose Fire Escape Farms specializes in gardening supplies for urbanites with rustic dreams. Herb 101 is part of a series conceived by designer and maker Kate Koeppel, who sees them as a way of encouraging self-reliance and hand-making skills. Kate and Pot + Pantry will present a series of similar foodie classes this winter, ranging from vegan dessert tasting to knife-whetting, so keep a sharp eye out for future workshops.


San Francisco
593 Guerrero & 18th
29 November 2011