It's not every day that we call out a Kickstarter project, but this one caught our eye and we couldn't turn away. Because, laundry sucks. There, we said it. It's a constant battle between looking presentable as you carry your essentials to the local laundromat and actually, you know, doing your laundry (which sucks anyways). That's where Chipmunk Bags comes in. They've designed a beautiful bag that's easy to load, easy on the shoulders, doesn't look awkward and is built to last. The bags come in two sizes: a mini or a large, for whatever suits your needs. Having blown past their goal of $10K, Chipmunk Bags is totally happening — and we couldn't be more excited. See you at the laundromat?


A laundry bag to rule them all.
This bag makes it easier to go to the laundromat and look good doing it.
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Campaign runs through Friday.