Whether you've been here one month, two years or three decades, a piece of San Francisco will always stay with you. For us, it starts and ends with the people and the art. It's everywhere, from the public spaces in the FiDi and down Market Street to the alleys of the Mission, where murals have been a staple for what feels like forever. Thankfully, we have Susan and Luis Cervantes leading us through this incredible art scene. They've been educating people for more than 40 years, and over the course of a 2.5-hour tour you'll become a street-art connoisseur. The experience is both beautiful and moving, showing you a side of the city that you may never have seen before.


A mural tour of San Francisco.
We'd all benefit by paying more attention to the city's colorful background.
2981 24th St., Mission, San Francisco, CA 94110
Sat. & Sun., 1:30-4 p.m.
Visit the website for more info.


By Mike Weiss

San Francisco-based marketer Mike Weiss has an undying love for sports, film photography and anything with gin. He's a firm believer that the West Coast is the best coast. Find him on Twitter @mikeini.