Golden hour: the time just after sunrise or just before sunset that basks heaven and earth in dreamy, gleaming light. That's what it feels like to walk into Little Gem in Hayes Valley. During the day, the sunlight pours in, transforming the normally cold concrete, marble and black iron into a beaming paradise. The food, crafted by demi-celeb chef Dave Cruz, is just as sublime thanks to exquisite attention to detail about where every leaf, tomato and fish comes from. Little Gem serves breakfast (think frittatas and chia parfaits), lunch (bibimbap, red quinoa and avocado salad) and dinner (Tuscan pork, king salmon). In this case, eating all three meals in one place would be a brilliant idea.


A restaurant in Hayes Valley where the impeccably sourced and prepared food looks as good as it tastes.
All the wood for the bar, shelves and ledges were sourced from a single elm tree in Marin.
400 Grove St., Hayes Valley
Tues.-Sun., 8 a.m.-9 p.m.