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When you combine comedy, a BYOB policy and an ingenious way to get customers into your store, you officially have our attention. Ready for something different? The folks at Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom host a two-hour comedy slam inside the store. You can recline on organic plush mattresses as you laugh till it hurts (or bury your face in a pillow if a joke doesn't land). Hosted by Mike Walz, Chillarious brings together local comedians into arguably the most intimate setting of them all: a bedroom. Since this is a mattress store, the hosts politely request no dark alcohol, so leave the red wine and stouts at home. Otherwise, just grab a few close pals and show up ready to lounge and laugh.


A comedy show inside a mattress store.
It's BYOB and free. And instead of folding chairs, you get beds.
3001 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
Jan. 20, 8-10 p.m.
Check the events blog & Facebook page for updates.