Sometimes an idea is so good and so obvious that it takes 2,017 years for someone to finally figure it out. As a shining example, see the world's first avocado bar — located in, you guessed it, Brooklyn. Before you go after the low-hanging fruit, Avocaderia is more than just a haven for hipster Instagrammers (although it most certainly is that). The creamy green fare is super healthy and super delicious, in case you somehow didn't know. You haven't lived until you've crunched into avocado sourdough toast with Japanese shichimi or Egyptian duqqa spices. From nutrient-rich salads to sumptuous breakfast platters, you can feed your stomach and soul with organic, responsibly sourced goodness.


A one-stop shop for everything healthy, green, creamy and clean.
Avocado is the best food. Who needs more reason than that?
Industry City Food Hall, 254 36th St., Brooklyn, NY 11232
Mon.-Fri., 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
For more info, call 415-702-8806.


By Alexander Brock

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