In the '80s, The Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion and Black Flag banged out sounds of hedonism and nihilism in Los Angeles. The scene is making a comeback, as all good things do, and to be part of it you should head to the 213 Hospitality Group's newest addition, The Slipper Clutch. Hidden inside Bar Clacson, the punk watering hole is clad in neon lights and pinball machines, blasting headbanging West Coast anarchy tunes that fit the general mood of 2017 quite well. Between rounds of Frogger, order up a vodka cranberry, rum and Coke or Seven & Seven, all premixed and served from a gun. If you lived it once, you can live it again. If not, now is the time to get some piercings and go lawless.


An '80s redux bar with punk music, pinball and eight different highballs in a squirt gun.
You can finally take your punk-rock parents to a place they'll appreciate.
351 S. Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tues.-Sun., 8 p.m.-2 a.m.
For more info, call 212-265-7477


By Brian Garrido

Recently transplanted from Los Angeles to Phoenix, Brian is a marketer and freelance writer with a cooking blog. Having traveled to more than 200 international and domestic cities, he's in the process of writing his memoir about his deep female friendships and women that he's has loved as a gay man. He can be followed on Facebook and Instagram.