Before you get what we affectionately call the New Year's resolution blues, we thought we'd arm you with a few tips and tricks so you can stick to your goal for 2017. Or, at the very least, enjoy the ride that will be the coming year. Whether you want to create a better you or simply start fresh, we look forward to hearing from you next December about how it all went. In the meantime, here are four simple ways to improve the state of things come January 1.

Step Away from the Phone

Take a break with Digital Detox

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We repeat, step away from the phone! We’ve all been there. You wake up and reach for your phone because it’s also your alarm clock. Suddenly, barely awake, you're checking your email, Facebook or whatever it is you do to prevent yourself from getting out of bed. The team at Digital Detox helps us kick the addiction by hosting retreats, camps and even corporate events that force you to power down and enjoy what’s around you. Pretty soon you might even get through a meal without keeping your phone on the table. One thing at a time.


Browse Mindfully

Download the Mindful extension for Chrome

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Chrome is more than just your default browser (sorry, Safari). It’s your everything. So you'll quickly fall in love with a new extension called Mindful. One part to-do list, one part space to decompress from the web, it's a blank canvas you can paint any way you want. Draft emails, write cathartically about that annoying coworker, or just keep track of your thoughts or tasks in a tab that syncs across all Chrome-enabled devices.



Streamline Your Closet

Clean up your wardrobe at Kit and Ace

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Do more with less. That’s a mantra that we can stand behind, which is why we love the effortless style and seamless functionality of each Kit and Ace piece. Founded by the team behind Lululemon, Kit and Ace applies the performance abilities of athletic gear to everyday clothes. Fabrics like Technical Cashmere combine soft wool with stretchy fibers for a combination of function, comfort and fashion. With just a few key pieces, the options are endless. Which means you can finally clear out your closet and donate those gently worn goods to a local charity.
Where: 371 Hayes St., Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA 94102
When: Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
More info: 844-548-6223;

Inhale, Exhale

Download the Calm app

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If a busy week means you can go from a manic Monday to a sorta-sad Sunday without stopping to enjoy everything in between, you need to impose a little rose-sniffing on yourself. That’s where Calm comes in. Available for iOS and Android, this mindfulness app gives you an escape to the mountains, the sea or wherever you need to go to find your center. Round things out with simple meditations for short but potent breaks throughout the day that help you slow down and experience each moment. You might find that a lot of them are actually pretty enjoyable.

By Mike Weiss

San Francisco-based marketer Mike Weiss has an undying love for sports, film photography and anything with gin. He's a firm believer that the West Coast is the best coast. Find him on Twitter @mikeini.