There's a part of Oakland that's blowing up right now, and you need to get there before the FOMO hits hard. The place? Temescal. Every time we head over there, we fall more in love with the area. It's hard not to when you have so many places to see and things to do. Fortunately for you, we rounded them up in one spot. Oh, and Temescal is a 10-minute walk from the MacArthur BART, so you have no excuse not to go. Not that you'll want one once you see what's in store.

Hole-y Moly

Beauty's Bagel Shop

Beauty's Bagel Shop via Facebook

We’ve waxed poetic about Beauty's Bagel Shop before in our Bay Area bagel-off. What more is there to say? A lot. The open-face lox and cream cheese bagel “sandwich” just made the list of top 100 things to eat in Oakland. The vibe is great. The food is phenomenal. It’s the perfect way to start your tour of Temescal, loaded up on carbs and caffeine. 

3838 Telegraph Ave., Oakland. 510-788-6098;

Something for Her

Dandelion Post

Dandelion Post via Website

A newish member to the Telegraph scene, Dandelion Post was founded by Jaime and Allegra to provide chic, free-spirited clothing, art, jewelry and accessories from independent and socially conscious designers. The shop has a minimalist feel, with neatly organized racks that highlight the gear. Have a question? Get a friendly answer about the current showcased artist and much more. You can’t help but feel the curation and the attention to detail.

4243 Telegraph Ave., Oakland.

Something for Him

Standard & Strange

Standard & Strange via Facebook

Here’s a fun challenge: Try on some jeans from the best denim makers in the world and find the perfect fit. Okay, maybe it’s not so much a challenge as a statement of what will happen when you set foot in Standard & Strange. For that you can thank co-owners Jeremy and Neil’s dedication to denim. While you're admiring your reflection, try on a pair of boots or any number of high-quality shirts and jackets. The motto here is one we can get behind: Own fewer, better things.

5010 Telegraph Ave., Oakland. 510-373-9696;

So Fresh and So Cream

Tara’s Organic Ice Cream

Tara's Organic Ice Cream via Facebook

After all that shopping, you’ll probably be in need of a small pick-me-up. The fine folks at Tara’s Organic Ice Cream are looking out for you. Their rotating list of flavors will convince you to go for more than a single scoop. After all, how do you choose between chocolate agave sorbet, eggnog and mango? It’s simply not possible. Made in small batches with (you guessed it) organic ingredients, each creamy flavor is divine. If there's a line, wait in it: We promise it’s worth every minute.

4731 Telegraph Ave., Oakland. 510-923-1567;

A Taste of Italy


Pizzaiolo via Facebook

Without a doubt, the best way to cap this trip is with a meal at Pizzaiolo. This place is hoppin’, so we recommend you book a table. Everything here is homey, from the nonna-quality Italian food to the cozy atmosphere (exposed brick, warm wood). Ingredients are locally sourced to create dishes like pizza with wild mushrooms and gremolata, and swordfish with fried potatoes, marinated artichokes and romesco sauce. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it. 

5008 Telegraph Ave., Oakland. 510-652-4888;

By Mike Weiss

San Francisco-based marketer Mike Weiss has an undying love for sports, film photography and anything with gin. He's a firm believer that the West Coast is the best coast. Find him on Twitter @mikeini.