They say if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. We suspect that by 'it' they mean watching the sunset. An easy task in the country, but in London thousands of camera-wielding city dwellers crowd the same few locations in the capital, making your sunset moment a tad less special. Escape the crush. We have taken it upon ourselves to scout out London's hush-hush sunset locations so you can wow friends (and foes) with your knowledge of hidden spots. Here they are.

Russia Dock Woodland  


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In Rotherhithe you'll stumble upon the remains of a former dock site from '70s. Originally used for importing timber from Norway, Russia and Sweden, this location was made up of a number of docks, including Russia Dock, Island Dock and Surrey Basin. Why does it make our list? Head to Michael Rizzello's bronze-cast map structure and watch the last gleaming rays of sun reflect off it in absolutely serene surroundings. You can thank us later.

Salter Road, London SE16. Entrance: Redriff Road and Downtown Road



Tate Modern Switch House 


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Before you sigh in desperation, we are not talking about the Tate Modern every human being who has or wishes to visit London knows about. This is Tate's newest building, still somewhat under the radar. Apart from hosting even more amazing art, the building is topped by a gallery offering 360-degree views of the city skyline. It stays open till 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Bankside, London SE1 9TG​


Bokan 38 & Bokan 39 at Novotel


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In London, roof terrace hotel bars are as original as gourmet burgers anymore. On the rare day that the sun chooses to grace the London sky with its presence, places like Aqua in Oxford Street, Boundary in Shoreditch and Madison in St. Paul's, to name just a few, are filled with people willing to fight you for a selfie featuring the fireball. Avoid those places and opt for a lesser-known locale, such as Novotel's rooftop bar in Canary Wharf. Head up to watch the sun dive from the sky whilst sipping a cocktail in peace.  

40 Marsh Wall, London E14 9TP. +44 020 3530 0500;


Statue of James Wolfe in Greenwich Park 


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Sunsets and parks go hand in hand. Hyde Park for tourists, Victoria Park for hipsters and St. James' Park for snobs: This winning formula has been working since the beginning of time and we see no reason to mess with it. What we are going to do, though, is suggest a location that might be a little less crowded and bit more special. Built in 1930 to commemorate General James Wolfe, this Grade IIlisted structure is the ideal point in Greenwich Park to catch the sun going to sleep. The uninterrupted views of the city and Canary Wharf are a thing of beauty.  

Greenwich Park, London SE10 8XJ. +44 0300 061 2380;


Parliament Hill  


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This one is a classic, and in no way secret, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to leave it off the list. Located in the southeast corner of Hampstead Heath, the hill is 98 meters high and offers a sprawling view of London from afar. Spend your afternoon waltzing around the heath, have a picnic and wrap things up by catching the sun dipping below the horizon.

Parliament Hill, Highgate, London NW5 1QR.

By Antonis Kazoulis

Wanderlust infected foodie with a passion for words, a soft spot for theatre, an infatuation for jazz bars and a healthy addiction for cocktails. On a steady relationship with London for the past 5 years despite having a fling with New York last Christmas. You'll probably find him in the backstreets of Soho trying out a new ramen restaurant or a cloak-and-dagger speakeasy.