If there's one thing London has no shortage of, that would be cocktail bars. But despite the multitude of options, how many of these bars can boast that they not only serve you a tipple, but also teach you how to make drinks and help you find rare spirits for your own collection? (That's what we thought.) TT Liquor is a three-floor cocktail venue in Shoreditch, located in an abandoned police station, featuring a cosy brick-walled, wooden-floored basement bar for up to 120 guests, jail cells that are now tasting rooms and padlocked deposit boxes for customers who want to start collecting spirits. If that's not impressive enough, there's also a selection of more than 1,000 premium spirits.


A venue that hosts all things liquor.
To be a Londoner means to love liquor.
17B Kingsland Rd, E2 8AA
See website for booking details for different parts of the venue.
To book a table in the bar, call 02031 312 706. For general inquiries call 02031 315 337.


By Antonis Kazoulis

Wanderlust infected foodie with a passion for words, a soft spot for theatre, an infatuation for jazz bars and a healthy addiction for cocktails. I have been on a steady relationship with London for the past 5 years despite having a fling with New York last Christmas. You'll probably find me in the backstreets of Soho trying out a new ramen restaurant or a cloak-and-dagger speakeasy.