It's that time of year again, when the sun's out and Londoners start climbing buildings to find the newest, coolest rooftop bar. To save you the trouble and hustle, we've found yet another gem for you, so just listen up. The Midnight Apothecary Botanical Cocktail Bar sits at the top of the Brunel Museum as a hidden green haven in the middle of London. With a campfire, free marshmallows to toast, seasonal botanical cocktails and views of the sunset over the river, this place has the power to transform a simple weekend afternoon into an unforgettable memory. Book your spot, show up and enjoy drinks sourced from local brews and spirits like Bermondsey's Hiver Honey Beer. Bring sunglasses.


Cocktails at Brunel Museum's rooftop garden.
Because booze and gardens work well together.
Brunel Museum, Rotherhite, SE16 4LF
Fri. & Sat., 5:30-10:30 p.m.
Buy tickets here.


By Antonis Kazoulis

Wanderlust infected foodie with a passion for words, a soft spot for theatre, an infatuation for jazz bars and a healthy addiction for cocktails. On a steady relationship with London for the past 5 years despite having a fling with New York last Christmas. You'll probably find him in the backstreets of Soho trying out a new ramen restaurant or a cloak-and-dagger speakeasy.