You've always wanted to see your name in lights, but your acting skills can barely win you a game of charades. Now there's an easier way to feel like a marquee-worthy star: Joanna Peyton-Jones of Write in Lights will make you a bespoke Tracey Emin–style work of neon art using your own handwriting. Choose from one of 15 colours, write your name and a sweet message if you wish (I love you Dad x), or even a little drawing for a loved one, and it will be yours to plug in and admire in roughly four weeks. They are based in Buckinghamshire but will ship all over the UK and internationally. It's that simple. No drama.


Highly personal and bespoke neon works of art made in your own handwriting.
You want a gift that will light up their face.
To see examples, go to
Order now in time for Valentine's Day.
Call Joanna Peyton-Jones on 07956 557 42 or email her at