Cocktails, truffle chips and a friendly shar-pei. Peculiar combinations are not always easy to pull off, but neighbourood bar Wolfie's nailed this one. Nestled down a peaceful road in Hackney, Wolfie's — it's the owner's nickname — is a friendly, minimalist wine and cocktail bar serving classic and contemporary libations. Whether you fancy an espresso martini or something more demure, talented tenders will mix to suit your taste buds. The Spanish owners' backgrounds are reflected in the wine, Catalan-style cheese and meat boards. Combine a rioja with a simple pa amb tomàquet to start the weekend with class. And bear in mind that beetroot-based cocktails make for the perfect hangover cure.


A new wine and cocktail bar in Hackney.
Cocktails and truffle crisps is the new wine and cheese.
51 Greenwood Rd, London, E8 1NT
Thurs.-Sun., 6 p.m.-midnight


By Zara Miller

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