When one thinks of London, ice cream is not something that springs to mind. Four Winters is here to change to that. This ice cream parlour on Gloucester Road turns the humble dessert into art, creating an experience that's appealing to both your eyes and taste buds. The culinary wizards produce the ice cream in front of your eyes using liquid nitrogen technology — which is quite the spectacle. This is no mere scooping and serving. As far as flavours go, the secret's in the name. With a mission to freeze the seasons and capture their essence, flavours will change according to the calendar; think varieties like Marshmallow Passion, Knafeh and Crazy Beetroot. What do you fancy?


An ice cream parlour that takes the creamy dessert personally.
They make your ice cream using liquid nitrogen.
103 Gloucester Rd, SW7 4SZ
Mon.-Sat., noon-11 p.m.; Sun., 1-10 p.m.