HAL 9000's haunting, unblinking eye. Alex DeLarge's bowler hat and walking stick. Jack Nicholson's maniacal "Here's Johnny!" Few film directors have brought so many iconic characters to life on the screen quite like Stanley Kubrick. In celebration of the auteur's work, Close-Up Film Centre are dedicating a whole season to the man behind the camera. This weekend, catch The Shining and Barry Lyndon, two of Kubrick's masterful literary adaptations. Close out the month with the brilliant, bloody Full Metal Jacket on 26 May and the legendary Spartacus on 28 May. And, of course, don't miss Dr Strangelove on the 21st. See you in the War Room.


A season at Close-Up dedicated to master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.
Dr. Strangelove on the big screen. What else do you need?
Close-Up Film Centre, 97 Sclater St, London E1 6HR
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By Zara Miller

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