There's no "I" in art. That's pretty much the spirit behind Creative Çukurcuma, a nonprofit art initiative founded by Naz Cuguoğlu and Mine Kaplangı in 2015. At its core, Creative Çukurcuma is a community to help artists from Turkey and beyond discover each other's projects and perhaps collaborate. For art lovers, Creative Çukurcuma offers seminars, exhibitions, talks and performances all focused on the nature of contemporary art. The recent Media Arts meeting included an open library, conversations and a movie screening over a two-week period. The next exhibition, Asymmetric Kin, opens September 6 at Mixer in Beyoğlu, featuring artists from Turkey and all the way from Nashville, Tennessee.


Creative Çukurcuma is a contemporary art community and platform.
For fascinating exhibitions and discussions about art.
Various locations
Event dates and times vary
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