Millions of users, billions of photos: Instagram is getting bigger and bigger every day. If your feed is dominated by friends' selfies, cat photos and breakfasts, it's time to diversify what you see. Follow these seven Istanbul-based 'grammers for beautifully composed shots of what makes our city so special.


A project run by photographer @yigit__eken and model @danemgizil, @onestepfly is all about jumping as the world runs. These photos will inspire you to see the city's streets in a new way, and may just put a little bounce in your step.




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A nice saturation and a little bit of fade used to be the best tools of photo editing applications. Now it seems they're just the most over-used ones. For a refreshing change of pace, meet @serhat_karadag_, an Instagrammer (and producer) who uses dramatic effects as he captures the elements of Istanbul both big and small, from skyscrapers and the Bosphorus to spring flowers.




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Fashionistas, get in formation. Your new go-to guy is @koraycaner. The blogger has worked as a consultant for an array of style magazines and attended countless runway shows. He delivers satisfying, ultra-composed photos that inspire Istanbul pride, make you want to start happy hour early and show an appreciation for the small, fine things in life, like chic sunglasses and a hot coffee.



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Some like it Beyoğlu, some like it Kadıköy. If you’re part of the latter crew, follow @kadikoysokak. You’ll discover gems you never before noticed, from tiny coffee shops to small side streets and bright grafitti. Just Kadıköy it.




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What makes Istanbul, Istanbul? Not an easy list to come up with, but it'd probably include the Bosphorus, seagulls, ferries and mosques. Focusing on all these details, @fzehraonal shares stunning shots from all over the city, many drenched in color.




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If you’re hungry, this is where you should stop reading and go get something to eat (and then come back). Now that we've properly warned you, we can tell you about gastronomy writer Tuba Satana, aka @istanbulfood. She'll make your mouth water with irresistible pictures of everything from seasonal greens to homemade yogurt to baklava. Who wants a snack?



Squares are for squares. Using mainly the 16:9 frame, @yigit__eken creates a portfolio of everything from portraits and bird's-eye views to animals and historical buildings. Even his cat snaps are utterly sophisticated.

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