Most New Year's resolutions start off with a bang and fizzle before Valentine's Day. We blame this universal phenomenon on a lack of planning and resources. To prevent unfulfilled self-promises from becoming your yearly destiny, we're connecting you to the people and places that will help you reach your goals. This year we're making 'em stick.

Eat Healthier


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It's maybe the most popular resolution, but proclaiming you'll do it is much harder than executing it — especially when the mess of everyday life intrudes. Before you know it, vegetable-filled salads become greasy takeaway burgers. The cooking itself is hardly ever the problem; the time-consuming tasks of finding non-boring recipes, shopping and measuring are what sink this resolution. UCook has the answer: Every Monday they ship you a box with recipes and the exact quantity of ingredients required for each meal. You can choose among a variety of options, like low-carb and vegetarian, with no risk of seeing the same plate of food night after night. It's healthy cooking without the hassle. If only we'd known about this last year.
Where: Online
More info: +27 (0)21 447 4424; Facebook


Change Careers

Clearsight Coaching

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Gone are the days when a successful career meant a silver pen and a golden handshake after a 40-year stint at the same company. The corporate ladder is virtually disappearing, making way for horizontal moves into different spheres. To prepare for your next shift, call in the help of a professional career coach. Clearsight Coaching will help you explore and prepare for opportunities that fit your skill set, personality and experience. Owner Jenny Kilian has worked with people in fields as diverse as travel, IT, finance and retail, ranging from entrepreneurs to executives to company employees. Instead of quietly dreaming about a new path, stride down it with an expert to guide you. Bon voyage.
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Get In Shape

Yoga Experience

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The indulgent holidays are behind us. Now, tis the season to prioritise our health and fitness. Instead of launching into a full-blown boot camp which will (if survived) prepare you for a gold medal in the Comrades marathon, how about kicking off with something a little gentler? Yoga Experience on Oxford Road offers yoga classes in a range of styles, such as Bikram, Iyengar, vinyasa, hot flow, pregnancy and yin restorative. The studio is open 365 days a year, and for a monthly fee you can attend as many classes as you’d like. See? There’s no reason to regret that second helping of Christmas pudding.
Where: Thrupps Centre, 204 Oxford Rd, Illovo
When: See class schedule.
More info: +27 (0)11 268 0642; Facebook


Make New Friends

Studio Tylo & Anne Rimbault Pottery Studio

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Expanding your social circles doesn’t have to mean chasing Twitter followers or Facebook buddies. Actual, real-life connections do still exist, and friendships can be forged away from a laptop screen. In our opinion, the best way to make new acquaintances is to hurl yourself into an activity or hobby group. Studio Tylo offers mosaic workshops that will not only reignite your dormant talents, but will also encourage you to bond with others in a creative endeavour. Or try Anne Rimbault Pottery Studio, where you can spend mornings creating salad bowls and nurturing friendships.
Studio Tylo
Where: 4 Les Fleurs, 255 Bryanston Dr., Bryanston
When: Workshop times vary; see schedule.
More info: +27 (0)82 493 7337
Anne Rimbault Pottery Studio
Where: Bordeaux, Randburg
When: Class times vary.
More info: +27 (0)11 886-2976; Facebook


Help Out

Kids Haven

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Devoting time and energy to the needs of others is often the most rewarding activity of all. Kids Haven's volunteering opportunities enrich, comfort and educate those on both sides of the charitable cause. Whether you assist children with homework, read afternoon stories or accompany groups of learners on field trips, your presence and involvement will better the lives of children who weren't born with the privileges so many others have. Some resolutions are worth serious commitment — and not only to yourself.
Where: 38 Cranbourne Ave, Benoni
When: See volunteer opportunities.
More info: +27 (0) 11 4214222; Facebook

By Suzette Leal

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