Braaiing is to South Africans what singing is to the Irish. It's not just a fun pastime of tinkering with tongs over an open fire — getting it right is our patriotic duty. There's a science behind the perfect cut, marinade, braai technique and even posture, which is why the Weber Grill Academy is always a good idea, even if you already consider yourself a whiz behind the grill. You can take lessons in flavouring, fish and chicken braaiing, side specialties, hot-coal bread baking and even mielie roasting. A simple beer and a braai at your pad will soon be the must-attend event in town. Like popping over to Jamie Oliver's for a light lunch of pasta and salad.


Weber braai lessons.
Even the masters can improve on some aspect of their craft.
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By Suzette Leal

Suzette only stays at home to watch Orange Is The New Black. She limits her fluid intake to water, wine and champagne and she absolutely doesn't get the selfie trend. Burma is next on her to-do list. That, and salmon fishing in Iceland.