Over the past decade, the beauty and antiaging industries have seen innovation to rival that of Silicon Valley. If you want in on all the trends that keep celebrities looking as sleek and glossy as the pages they appear on, here's where to go for a boost of your own.

Vampire Facial

Photo by Tanja Heffner

When Kim Kardashian went on TV to get a treatment in which her face ended up splattered in blood, claiming the torturous-looking procedure as a recipe for everlasting youth, millions of social media fans joined the vampire facial craze. As it turns out, the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, in which your own blood is extracted from your arm and injected into your face after a quick spin in a centrifuge, actually does have healing and boosting effects which contribute to a more youthful appearance. Skin Renewal have proven to be experts in performing this rather scary treatment, and they are single-handedly responsible for the latest influx of apparent 20-somethings roaming about.
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Teeth Whitening

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If your pearly whites could use a little something beyond fluoride treatments and the odd filling, get them gleaming with laser teeth whitening. The 60-minute process wipes away any remnants of coffee stains, red wine blemishes and time-worn yellowing. Drs Galal & Moodley and Associates in Sandton are your go-to specialists for putting the sparkle back in your smile.
Where: 273 Bryanston Dr, Bryanston
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More info: +27 (0)11 706 8753; joburgdentist.co.za


Laser Lipo

Photo by Alex Blăjan

When anyone mentions liposuction, it conjures fears of invasive surgery, painful recoveries periods and risks that may even outweigh benefits. But laser lipo promises to deliver slimming and shaping results without those concerns. Using low levels of laser energy, fat is broken down and released resulting in centimetre and weight loss without pain or downtime. At Laser Lipo South Africa, they’ll transform your body over the course of eight to 10 treatments. No hospital stay or secret social disappearances required for this one.
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Photo by Amy Selleck via Flickr

Gwyneth Paltrow may take the credit for the popularity of this treatment, but cupping has been around since way before Hollywood discovered it. An ancient Chinese remedy for myrid health problems (such us arthritis, muscle pain, headaches and sinusitis), cupping entails using glass vacuums pressed upon the skin to cause a suction motion that withdraws toxins and inflammation. At Ancient Health Care, this treatment is performed regularly and professionally to ease ailments that have often been treated unsuccessfully through other methods.
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Brazilian Blowout

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The frizz can get real. Finger-in-a-light-socket real. At Karo in Craighall Park, they’ve crowned themselves the masters of the Brazilian blowout. And chances of you ever witnessing a hair disaster walking out their doors are as big as anyone over the age of 5 actually putting their finger in a wall socket. If straight, smooth hair is what you're after, a weekly blowout can’t be seen as a luxury. It’s a necessity.
Where: Unit 16, 54 Buckingham Ave, Craighall Park
When: By appt.
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By Suzette Leal

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