No Ordinary Burger. It's a pretty bold claim. But when you see the paparazzi-style motorcade that follows The Nob food truck everywhere, you'll agree the acronym has merit. They appear around Cape Town sporadically and even unpredictably, but checking their website makes it easier to keep track of their whereabouts. For an absolute guaranteed presence when and where you need them, you can book the truck for a private party. If you want to go down in history (the history of your friends and family, that is) as the guy who had kick-ass jalapeño-topped cheeseburgers at his birthday bash, there's really only one Nob to turn to.


A burger food truck.
Short menus are pretty much always a good sign.
See locations & schedule online.
Email online to book for private parties.


By Suzette Leal

Suzette only stays at home to watch Orange Is The New Black. She limits her fluid intake to water, wine and champagne and she absolutely doesn't get the selfie trend. Burma is next on her to-do list. That, and salmon fishing in Iceland.