Bruce Springsteen sings about one, Prince Charles is deeply passionate about his and Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth got married in theirs. Gardens are more than just orchestrated mixes of plants, bushes, trees and shrubs — they're poetic escapes from daily hustles and bustles. The Arderne Gardens in Claremont are a five-hectare feast of exotic trees, fragrant flowers, flirtatious ferns, moss-covered stones and winding walkways. It's a voyage of discovery and delight not solely reserved for botanists or horticulturists, but for anyone in need of that nugget of nature, that call of peace and that breath of pureness. Maybe give the treadmill a skip this week?


A public garden in Claremont.
Five luscious green hectares are just waiting to be explored.
222 Main Rd, Claremont
Daily, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Entry is free, but donations are encouraged.


By Suzette Leal

Suzette only stays at home to watch Orange Is The New Black. She limits her fluid intake to water, wine and champagne and she absolutely doesn't get the selfie trend. Burma is next on her to-do list. That, and salmon fishing in Iceland.