If you share your life with a cat and you like to travel, you know this dilemma all too well: What's the best thing to do with Mr. Whiskerface while you're away? Stop stressing and enjoy your trip thanks to O Gato Fica. Joana Soares, a cat lover and vet, offers cat-sitting services worthy of your feline overlord. Instead of carting him to a kennel, he can stay in his happy place. Joana or one of her staffers comes by regularly to feed him, scoop litter, give any meds and play or cuddle — they'll even text you cute photos and videos. And should the light of your life fall ill, the O Gato Fica team will whisk him to the vet. As for you? You get peace of mind and a truly relaxing vacation.


A cat-sitting company offering personalized services.
Your muffin can stay comfy in his happy place (home) while you trot the globe.
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