What happens when you bite into a 160-gram burger with miso mayo, Parmesan, mushrooms and caramelized onions? You experience culinary bliss — as anyone who's been to Tres Cuartos can tell you. María Paula Baldiviezo knew exactly what she wanted when she opened this burger bar: a simple menu with a distinctive, high-quality hamburger. With years of experience working beside renowned Peruvian chefs, the young Bolivian cook came up with an inimitable blend that hits high marks in texture and flavor, and is even lower in fat and calories than other burgers. Her secret: beef from Oxapampa. You'll taste the difference with your very first bite.


A gourmet burger bar with distinctive flavors.
Pair your burger with anything from an all-American milk shake to an artisanal Peruvian beer.
Enrique Palacios 1072, Miraflores
Tues., 6:30-10 p.m.; Weds.-Sat., 1-4 p.m. & 7-10 p.m.


By Susana Lay

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