Whether we do it on a yoga mat in a steamy studio, by listening to symphonic jazz on the Metropolitano or by spending the day window-shopping, we're all trying to find some inner peace. If you need a quick fix of serenity, simply climb the stairs to Arcadia Mediática and enter a true urban utopia. Staggered bookshelves line the walls of this corner bookstore, filled with art-related paperbacks and hardcovers that are sure to smarten up your coffee table. You'll quickly lose yourself in a world of inspiration, from architecture to zoomorphic design. Before you bury your nose too far in a book, be sure to ask what in-house mini-concert or art session is coming up next.


A bookshop with an eclectic collection of art and design books.
Lazy afternoons were meant for paperbacks and hardcovers.
Calle Alcanfores 295, Miraflores
Mon.-Sat., 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m.
Shop in-store or online.


By Susana Lay

Susana loves long walks and sometimes loses her voice while teaching literature classes. She loves to write, watch movies, eat and sleep. She also loves to travel and to write about her travels. You'll never know where to find her — most of the time, she herself doesn't know.