Sometimes you open your closet, stare at all the clothes hanging in it and determine you hate them all. If you need to bust out of a style rut, do it with bold pieces worthy of a double-take. Much like a certain magical wardrobe, stepping into any of the three locations of concept store Vernácula will transport you to another world. The eclectic gallery-boutique-cafe spaces will keep your imagination running, with independent brands and designers inspiring colorful, boho-chic looks. In the two-story Barranco locale, finish your shopping spree at the cafe, where you can refuel with an acai bowl and latte. Eventually you'll have to leave, but you can return to Narnia anytime.


A concept store to fuel creative fashionistas.
Support independent Peruvian designers.
Ayacucho 269, Barranco; Conquistadores 635, San Isidro; José Galvez 437, Miraflores
See Facebook for each location's hours.


By Susana Lay

Susana loves long walks and sometimes loses her voice while teaching literature classes. She loves to write, watch movies, eat and sleep. She also loves to travel and to write about her travels. You'll never know where to find her — most of the time, she herself doesn't know.