How do you demonstrate your love for the ocean? If your answer is, "Swim in it?" then consider taking another step. This one is easy: Seaumanoid not only raises awareness about the health of the oceans and biodiversity, the clothing brand also organizes beach clean-ups and helps fund ocean-protecting causes. Seaumanoid aims to help people strengthen the connection between themselves and the sea, not to mention the many animals who inhabit it. Start by buying one of the cool T-shirts inspired by marine creatures, and then keep up with news to join events — the next one is at Punta Hermosa. Pitch in and let our oceans know you appreciate them.


A fashion brand that fosters love for our oceans through educational workshops, beach clean-ups and cool clothes.
Part of proceeds go to ocean conservation foundations.
Apparel can be found at Dédalo, Saenz Peña 295, Barranco
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By Susana Lay

Susana loves long walks and sometimes loses her voice while teaching literature classes. She loves to write, watch movies, eat and sleep. She also loves to travel and to write about her travels. You'll never know where to find her — most of the time, she herself doesn't know.