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If it's weird you want, at the Museum of Modern Art it's weird you can find. Monstruosismos delves into the past to discover a turning point in the history of visual art and literature: When did monsters begin to appear? To answer this complex question, work from artists such as Lourdes Grobet, Xavier Esqueda, Graciela lturbide, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Henri Cartier-Bresson will be curated between Museo de Arte Moderno and Museo Mural Diego Rivera, bringing up four themes present from ancient Greece to modern times, such as nature and metamorphosis. More than 20 new works not already housed in the archives will be featured. Walk slowly — you never know what lurks around the corner.


Monstruosismos is an exhibit on monsters in visual art.
Goliath was misunderstood.

Museo de Arte Moderno, Paseo de la Reforma, Bosque de Chapultepec Section 1, 11560, Mexico City

Museo Mural Diego Rivera, Calle Balderas & Colon S/N, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, 06000, Mexico City

Museo de Arte Moderno, through Apr. 16. Tues.-Sun., 10:15 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Museo Mural Diego Rivera, beginning Apr. 6. Tues.-Sun., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.


By Megan Frye

Megan Frye is a professional vagabond who swears she's danced with the dead at the pyramids. She can usually be found eating her way around Mexico City. Tweet her about the food that makes you squeal at @fryechild.