Self-mockery, freedom of expression and Tel Aviv: They come together in Israeli Girls (HaIsraelliot), a new web series created by a collective of Tel Aviv women. The 12-part bilingual series dives headfirst into both heavy and hilarious issues that affect women's experiences in Tel Aviv, from Israeli slang for foreigners and infidelity to circumcision and fad diets. Toronto native Renny Greenshpan is the creator of Israeli Girls, which is free of censorship and chock-full of incisive, funny and refreshingly frank stories that we can all relate to, regardless of nationality. Tune in — not only because society could use more smart, fierce female influence, but also because it's great.


A 12-part bilingual series created by Tel Aviv women highlighting their experiences and perspectives.
To celebrate freedom of expression, nod in recognition and bust a gut laughing.