Nestled among the streets of Noga, the new and bubbly artists' quarter etched into the edge of Jaffa, is a treasure trove of minimalist jewelry and suptumous handmade items that you can wear every day. Knobbly Studio, a veteran of the Tel Aviv design scene and the initiative of local designer Gittit Szwarc, produces high-quality pieces sourced from local materials. The designs may be delicate, but they pack a punch — probably because Szwarc uses her background in mathematics and movement to craft jewelry and accessories that seem to breathe and move with the wearer, from exquisite ear cuffs to a brooch called, endearingly, the Blob.


Knobbly Studio makes delicate and minimalist jewelry.
Local designer Gittit Szwarc creates exquisitive pieces that flow with the body.
Online or at the Knobbly Studio, 16 Ruhama St., Jaffa, Tel Aviv
Studio is by appt. only.
Call or email to make an appt.