​​Injera, tibs and wat. If your mouth is already watering for these elusive tastes from the Horn of Africa, drop what you're doing and go to Balinjera. It may be a new addition to Tel Aviv's food scene, but the flavors served up are classic. Get comfortable on seats made from hewn tree stumps in the narrow alleyways of the Kerem and dig into simple, fresh, traditional food. The combo platters are your best bet to sample the choicest morsels — nibble on the veggie platter (trust us, go for the spinach first), paired with the beef tibs. Round out your meal with a refreshing St. George beer, straight from the coolers of Addis Ababa.


Traditional Ethiopian fare in the Kerem.
Because the flavors of Ethiopia are much needed in Tel Aviv's culinary scene.
39 Ha-Kovshim & 4 Malan
Mon.-Thurs. & Sun., noon-midnight; Fri., 10 a.m.-3 p.m.