Tel Aviv's latest solution for creative freelancers is an out-of-the-box addition to the coworking game. The Pub Hub is a new initiative that transforms bars that are closed during the office workday into fresh and exciting work spaces. The brainchild of Daniel Rubin and Doron Maman, The Pub Hub offers a brilliant series of coworking spaces for the post-cubicle world in Tel Aviv. Here, we talk about what makes The Pub Hub different and what's in store.

Why coworking? What pushed you to start The Pub Hub? 

Coworking is the way of the future. People are taking their individual goals to a new platform in which they integrate, network and collaborate in a way they never had before. By creating a new coworking company in the world of the shared economy, we provide more people with the opportunity to create and do what they love. While I (Daniel) was working for my previous company in New York, on my way to a shared work space, I would pass dozens of closed bars. These bars were beautiful pieces of real estate that were being underutilized and could serve so many people in a wonderful way. At this point we, Daniel and Doron, joined forces to create this project, which is now potentially the most scalable coworking company on the market.

How is The Pub Hub different from traditional coworking spaces?
Firstly, it’s in a pub. That may seem obvious, but one of the main reasons people go to coworking spaces is because they want to be social, meet people and have friends they can talk to from different disciplines. This is the same dynamic that occurs in a pub; now we just enliven this occurrence, making it happen during the day. Furthermore, as we utilize real estate that is already built in prime locations, we have the ability to ultimately get to more places in an extremely short amount of time. This gives our community of members more options to choose from and new cool places to explore.

Lastly, although we also answer the needs of companies, we wish to invite individual entrepreneurs and freelancers to have a great spot to work from. Other coworking companies target the bigger companies; we truly wish to invite everybody who needs a creative and productive space to work from to come and explore our locations.

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Who is your target audience?
Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small companies, students, people working from coffee shops. We’re still learning, but most importantly we are people who are looking for a great place to work from.

What are some of the major trends that you see currently in the coworking scene, especially in Tel Aviv?
There is still a need for coworking spaces! Despite hosting more than 20 different coworking companies, people are still working out of coffee shops and looking for new great places to get work done. Furthermore, the MeetUp scene is pretty intense, as the city hosts several simultaneous events almost every night of the week. People are looking for more new ways to learn and connect with others.

What are the criteria you look for in the bars you'd like to work with? 
Almost all the bars we have approached wish to work with us, but we do not wish to work with all the bars. There are certain criteria that make some locations much better for a working space than others. We can’t say them all, but some of them, for example, are windows for natural lighting. The natural light fills the space with a wonderful energy that remains consistent during the day. We also look for bars that have seat backs rather than barstools. It is important for the person to have something to lean on during a workday so as not to place additional stress on the lower back. And, of course, location! We look for locations where we know there is a desire for a coworking space to arise. Our new location on Rothschild 60 serves as the heart of startup nation, and we therefore know we want to be there.

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What's next for Pub Hub? Where do you hope to be a year from now?
It’s hard to say. Our focus is on the TLV scene. We want to shatter the culture of having to work from coffee shops or other less productive or more costly locations, and bring people to see how a pub can serve as a wonderful work space. Ideally, a year from now, we would already like to see ourselves abroad either with several locations on the west coast of the U.S. or in Europe. Both areas are filled with wonderful pubs just waiting to be fully utilized. Bottom line, we just want to get to as many people as possible to provide more for the coworking world.

What would you like our readers to know? 
We officially open our new Rothschild location on Sunday, October 30, and will also be hosting our launch party the same night. We hope you all attend to see what your new dynamic and productive office of the future looks like. Cheers!