Tel Aviv is a paradise for coffee enthusiasts, boasting a bevy of barista-focused shops, Viennese-inspired cafes and endless other fueling stations to keep you moving both at work and on your day-off adventures. There's an abundance of options to choose from when you're craving a cup, so we've compiled a short list of our favorite places to make it easy for you to extract every last drop, whether you prefer a hip hangout or a no-nonsense sidewalk stall.


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Cafelix is a leader in the slow-roast coffee movement in Tel Aviv, with its newest outpost in the Levinsky Market just a short stroll from its in-house roaster in Noga complex. Each day, Cafelix baristas list the weekly roasts according to country of origin, taste and strength, serving flat whites, cappuccinos, cold brews and espressos to locavores and visitors, and building its cool, cultish following.

Sgula St. 15, 69116 Tel Aviv. 
+972 3-546-9890; Facebook


Café Levinsky 41

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The lovable “Benny Soda” is the chief barista and culinary expert at Café Levinsky 41. This streetside coffee spot draws a large crowd (especially on Friday mornings) eager for a beverage from his one-of-a-kind steam-pressed espresso machine designed in Israel in the 1970s. The sidewalk stall serves up bright, strong espressos and Americanos in white cups free of logos.

Levinsky St. 41, 66527 Tel Aviv. 
+972 58-448-8480Facebook


Hotel Montefiore

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Located in a stunning building in the eclectic architecture style, Hotel Montefiore is an essential Tel Aviv hotspot and a chic respite from the daily grind. Sit at the bar and geek out over the percolation process that leads to a strong pot of black gold. The retro-glam interior design, with soaring palm trees and an art deco feel, makes an ordinary coffee stop feel sophisticated.

Montefiore St. 36, 65201 Tel Aviv. +972 3-564-6100;



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If you like your cappuccino with a side of startup gossip and tech-entrepreneur wisdom, Nahat in the center of Tel Aviv is your new go-to. It serves strong cups of coffee and espresso to wake up your brain for the lectures, workshops and meetup groups that take place here regularly.

Reines St. 1, 6438538 Tel Aviv. +972 3-930-0033; Facebook



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If your aim is to see and be seen while drinking coffee, DaDa&Da is just for you. Perched on the corner of Rothschild Boulevard and Herzl Street, DaDa&Da offers a sleek aesthetic, outdoor seating and trendy clientele. Order a creamy cappuccino, known as HaFuch in Israel, to complement your inevitably massive and savory breakfast. Once you've eaten, open your laptop and spend an hour or so slowly sipping your coffee among the cool kids.

Rothschild Blvd. 7, 65161 Tel Aviv. +972 03-551-1211; Facebook