The lights are twinkling, the carols are playing and the only way to describe your mood is with the newy coined term "festive panic." It's the joy you feel when you walk along the streets, cuddled up in your warmest jacket, thinking it's the most wonderful time of the year ... before realizing you have not yet bought a single present. Here, to ease the anxiety, are gifts you can buy online (bar one) for everyone on your list. Keep calm and merry on.

For the Retrosexual 

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Between smartphones, apps and online calendars that sync to our smartphones, it seems almost old-fashioned to offer a calendar as a gift. But the 2017 wall calendar from Secret Caravan is actually the ideal present for those on your list who still use paper to make to-do lists. The Tattoo Lady calendar, illustrated by artist Karolin Schnoor, will be both a practical and whimsical addition to your friend’s home or work space. Plus, they’ll be grateful all year long.  


For Your Style-Conscious Friend

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Skip the woolen beanie or scarf (their grandmother will have them covered) and opt for accessories from DIG Athens. All garments are designed and made in Greece, and the aesthetic is strictly cool. For him, pick the graphic trucker mesh cap with "Run Ath" emblazoned in vinyl print. For her, opt for the large Run Ath Tote made from 100 percent organic cotton. 


For the Friend Who Doesn’t Live Here Anymore 

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In December, our friends who are studying, working or living abroad return home for a few weeks to eat their weight in souvlaki and get in touch with their roots. Send them back off to the diaspora with the Tsarouhi blackboard from Forget Me Not. Designed by Trouve mon Bouton and Which Cat?, the blackboard comes complete with various colors of chalk and is ready to hang. Perk: will travel well. 


For the Ladies

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Whether your family exchanges gifts on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, we could all do with more luck in the new year. We’re loving designer Danai Gianneli's 2017 lucky charm, called Thunder, which is available in gold, pink gold or rhodium plate. Danai used the numbers 1 and 7 to create the shape of lightning, a symbol of strength in ancient Greece (hi, Zeus). It’s a wonderful way to remind those special people in your life that they can get through anything 2017 throws at them. And with a little luck, it’ll be the best year yet. Heck, they survived 2016.


For Crazy Plant People

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Holy Monstera! What do you get the person who will understand that pun? Easy. Look no further than Airplants, the only shop you need for any plant-loving, flower-fawning friend on your list. Established in Serres, this online shop offers striking, delicate creations (including terrariums) featuring airplants. New to the trend? Airplants don’t need soil to grow; instead, they attach to other plants. If you just can't decide on a design, we love Rock the Ball, this hanging wreath and the Euklides Geometry set.


For Food Lovers

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Don’t make the grave(y) mistake of gifting these friends non-edible items. They’ll look deep into your soul and wonder where it all went wrong for you. Instead, choose Christmas in a Box from fom Speranza Italian Dining. These gift boxes come with festive products like Santa Cookie Mix, rosemary and garlic salt, aromatic oil with rosemary, Christmas cookies, chocolate-covered oranges, sparkling red wine, Italian pandoro, olive oil and sweet olive jam. You can pick a ready-made one or create your own. If you’re lucky, your friend will share the goods. Call at 210 4293 897 or message on Facebook.

For the One Who Loves Christmas 

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The Pretenders hoped the elusive “he” would be back by Christmas, because 2,000 miles is really far away. Give the gift of your presence courtesy of 2B3D (remember them?). Pop by the studio and 30 seconds later you’ll have a 3-D scan of yourself in whatever pose you can hold for that long — giving a hug, perhaps? Then the team will use your scan to create a 3-D ornament to hang on the tree. Please don't ask them to scan your ex.

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By Eleni Zoe

Jo'burg born, London-educated, Athens-based. Eleni Zoe is a copywriter, daily chai drinker and the curator of Cats & Greece