Oliver Twist wanted more. Harry Potter confronted evil. Batman saved lives. Konstantinos Chadoulos and Maria Chadoulou, the siblings who run Orphans1618, design wooden bags. Alongside their cat/muse Pouf, the two make purses, clutches, envelopes, backpacks and other bags using wood veneers like walnut, oak, tulipwood and okoume. Combined with leather and fabrics, the bags are lighter than they appear and less rustic than you'd expect. 1618 refers to the golden ratio, which artists and architects believe to be the most aesthetically pleasing. See it at work in this collection of minimalist, geometric and handmade bags. Browse the online shop just once and you'll begging them for more.


A line of designer wooden bags for men and women.
Because they're unusual, cool and edgy. Like you.

By Eleni Zoe

Eleni Zoe is a copywriter, daily chai drinker and curator of Cats and Greece. She's powered by true crime podcasts, plants and good food. She is on Team "Of course, Die Hard is a Christmas movie."