In Hawaii, it refers to a hotshot, a big deal. In Quentin Tarantino's fictional world, it's a Hawaiian-themed chain of restaurants. In Athens, The Big Kahuna is a combination of both. This bar-restaurant has sand on the floor, exotic plants, bamboo walls, wicker lamps and surfboards. The magic happens in a palm-leaf hut, with cooks whipping up street food like pineapple nuggets, chimichangas, nachos and burgers, all with a tropical flavor — try the Predator burger, a crocodile steak smothered in chipotle mayo and other fiery toppings. While you wait for your meal, order a cocktail with fruits like litchi, guava and passion fruit. We're calling it: This is the next big thing.


The Big Kahuna serves up tropical street food and colorful cocktails.
Because you haven't had a burger until you've had a crocodile burger.
Salaminos 42, Keramikos, 10435 Athens
Tues.-Thurs., 7 p.m.-midnight; Fri. & Sat., 7 p.m.-1 a.m.; Sun., 1-6 p.m.
For more info, call 210 524 4100.


By Eleni Zoe

Jo'burg born, London-educated, Athens-based. Eleni Zoe is a copywriter, daily chai drinker and the curator of Cats & Greece