Taking four showers a day, eating watermelon, chasing beaches: things you do only during the summer. Eating ice cream, on the other hand, no matter what your parents told you, is a year-round activity. Enter Bufala Gelato, a gelateria offering creamy gelato, buffalo-milk gelato, sorbet, cold stone, handmade soft serve ice cream, loukouma, waffles and espresso. Here, you design your own icy treat and watch as it's put together. Begin with one or more flavors and then pick and choose from 30 toppings. Undecided? Go with Rainbow. Featuring bubblegum gelato, chocolate biscuits, bonbons and fudge, it's basically your childhood summer memories in a cup.


A gelateria in Glyfada that will make you scream for ice cream.
For the cold-stone station.
Artemidos 1, Plateia Esperidon, Glyfada, Athens, 16674
Daily, 9 a.m.-midnight
For more info, call on 210 894 6000.