They say the devil is in the details. Since gaping waistbands and botched hemlines are our own personal version of hell, we would have to agree. We set out to uncover the best seamstress in the city - someone that not only has the talent to transform last season's bell-bottoms into this season's slim-fits, but also for whom no job is too small. Never ones to dissapoint, our scouts helped us discover 'Modistroula'. This tailoring service stands out from the rest - not only because of the superior quality of its work, but also because it offers modern conveniences like free pickup, delivery, and service even on weekends and holidays. Behind it all is Dimitra. A graduate of The School of Fine Arts, she began her career in fashion design and eventually set her sights on becoming the best seamstress in the city (no easy feat). Even though sharing this secret with you may mean that we'll have to finally learn how to sew on our own buttons, it was just too good to keep!


Kolokotroni 44
31 January 2011