Caught up between Kotti and Alex, many move along the U8 in total ignorance of the awesome areas to find around Moritzplatz. Before old communist buildings out East were all the rage to party in (and before the wall even came down), some of Berlin's edgiest were occupying impressive hovels near this old U-Bahn stop. But today's big, Berghainish techno clubs haven't prevented this meeting point of Kreuzberg and Mitte from keeping it real. With culinary excellence, creative old clubs and new startup work spaces, Moritzplatz today is the gateway to a clever corner of town.

New Best Friends at Betahaus

Betahaus via Website

Betahaus is a café, work space and startup cluster where freelancers and young entrepreneurs come to have a good time and maybe even change the world a little bit. Business aside, it’s also the perfect place to meet new people. Check out Betabreakfast on Thursday mornings or go to one of its numerous other events to explore, mingle and make a professional contact or two.

Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20. +49 30 609809270;

Traditional Dining at Max und Moritz

Max Und Moritz via Website

In a city so diverse, it can be surprisingly easy to forget that you’re actually in Germany. But such a situation is easily remedied with the traditional favorites served at Max und Moritz. Whether Wienerschnitzel is your thing or it’s a serving of senf and sauerkraut that you seek, Max und Moritz is sure to have any old-school specialty that Germany’s hinterland has ever had the craft to cook up. Definitely get reservations.

Oranienstraße 162. +49 30 69515911;


Burgers and Hip Hop at Prince Charles

Burgers & Hip Hop via Facebook

Burgers and Hip Hop is an incredible alliance between exquisite local burger makers and the Berlin club Prince Charles. It’s also exactly what you’re expecting: You eat really good burgers and listen to really good hip hop (sometimes a rarity in Germany). After the February return, the good times are guaranteed to keep on rolling into the spring as aficionados of both great food and great music put their latest and greatest on display.

Prinzenstraße 85f.

Coziness at Café Zera

Café Zera via Facebook

With a classy ambience and some colossal hookahs, Café Zera knows how to take the best of Turkish tradition and combine it with the right amount of modern style. If you want a hot cup of tea or some fresh espresso, you can’t go wrong here (as long as you show up after 1 p.m.). The same goes for if you just need a comfy spot to practice blowing smoke rings. Make reservations, especially if you have a group.

Prinzenstraße 81. +49 30 60031456;


Good Brews at Parker Bowles

Parker Bowles via Website

Unlike our at buddies Max und Moritz, Parker Bowles gladly breaks with tradition, but in the best way possible. Chef Sebastian Pfister heads a kitchen that cooks locally sourced delights for meat lovers, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans alike. The beer selection is also an impressive one, with both Bavarian favorites and inspired IPAs.

Prinzenstraße 85d. +49 30 55279099;

The Wine Library of Ottorink

Ottorink Weinbar via Facebook

People brag constantly about all the great wine they tasted in places like Tuscany. Legit Italian accolades aside, you might be better off checking out the wine around Ottorink first. This little wine bar has red and white varieties from all around the world, including Germany, southern Europe and South America. They’ll make you want to send your friends a postcard from Moritzplatz.

Dresdener Str. 124.

By Jesse Van Mouwerik

Berlin-based illustrator and columnist Jesse Van Mouwerik is an avid fan of art, whisky sours and being alive. When the aliens land, he will draw them a picture.