Just a hop, skip and jump away from the concrete chaos of Kottbusser Tor (that's meant literally, by the way; Kotti is not without its obstacles), you will find the more refined charms of Dresdener Straße. For here is a street that has grown into itself over recent years, more rounded than before, a street made for Kreuzberg kings and queens, a street in the very prime of its topographic life. So much so that previous stalwarts of the street — Würgeengel and Gorgonzola Club — have been seen and raised by the elite newcomers to the coffee, food and booze club.

While the masses charge up and down Oranienstraße in search of the birthplace of the kebab, some cheap beers and a low-budget Cabaret reboot, we can let you in on the six secrets of "D-Strasse" (consider that coined). Also, seeing as they are located within only 400 meters of each other, you could even hit all six in a day. Now there's a challenge worth rising to.

Nano Kaffee

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Hat tips to Companion and Concierge for raising the coffee game in the district, but the newer third-wave arrival, Nano, may well make the meanest brew. A rotating array of German roasteries is featured in this cafe's mighty espresso-based drinks and V60 pour-overs. The interior, handcrafted by the owner himself, is as simple and focused as the coffee.

Dresdener Str. 14, Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin.
+49 30 25209838; nano-kaffee.de



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In Berlin there may not be any cafes more beautiful than this one. A stunning yet faithful renovation of the former Apotheke makes it an absolute winner when you want to while away an afternoon with a book or a friend. Come nightfall, the staff is known to whip up some serious cocktails. And don't forget the house-made seasonal lunches and dinners, complete with bread baked fresh on-site. 

Oranienpl. 14, Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin. Facebook



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As the name suggests, ceviche is this restaurant's one, its all, its everything. And it's done right. Buttery fresh fish, citrusy tangs and chili kicks all dance together at Cevicheria  probably the best place in the city to taste the Peruvian delicacy. Brace yourself for an onslaught of flavor.

Dresdener Str. 120, Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin. +49 30 55624038; cevicheria-berlin.com


Pawlows Whiskey Club

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Imagine a whiskey club that takes place in a small cupboard full of lovable, eccentric boozehounds. You're getting close to the beauty of Pawlows. This hole in the wall is a bona fide club (when you arrive you can sign up to be a temporary member), and as you probably guessed  the folks here are partial to a good whiskey. In addition to the liquor appreciation, mini concerts, book readings and film screenings round out the priorities list. 

Dresdener Str. 125, Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin. +49 30 31169672; Facebook



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This little Korean eatery knows how to keep things simple. Here you have a tough choice between bibimbap and more bibimbap. But whether it’s with sea asparagus, beef, chicken, tofu or pork belly, it's going to be tasty as hell. What’s more, the house-made teas and herbal Moscow mules are to die for.

Dresdener Str. 11, Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin. +49 30 55217511; mercosy.de



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OttoRink Weinbar has been holding down the scene on Dresdener Straße a while longer than the others on this list. The wine selection here is stellar, the ambience sophisticated and the service friendly. One might forget that Kotti is a mere pop of the cork away. For white wines, Otto sticks exclusively to Germany  and indeed, why not?  whereas the reds receive flank support from French, Spanish and South American grapes. 

Dresdener Str. 124, Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin. ottorink.de

By Luke Atcheson

When Luke isn't sniffing out urban truffles for Savoteur, he's guiding people through Wonderland Berlin with his SMS-based city guide, White Rabbit. Follow him on Twitter: @issyvooo.