Don't let its quaintness fool you. Many places claim to be everybody's favorite hole-in-the-wall, but word is spreading that Gobento is in a whole other league than all those neighborhood joints. What looks like just another modestly cozy locale is quietly cranking out some of the most authentically Japanese bento boxes in Berlin. Wallet-happy prices, friendly staff and a non-bashful BYOB policy conspire to create an atmosphere that's cheerful, open and all about the art of excellent food. From gyoza to onigiri and other traditional favorites, Gobento, whose newest outpost is in Graefekiez, is serving up some of the most satisfying dishes — er, boxes — around.


Japanese food that packs a punch.
For seriously impressive East Asian cuisine at seriously affordable prices.
Graefestr. 78, 10967 Berlin (plus 2 more locations)
Weds.-Sun., 6:30-11 p.m.