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If hedonism is your game, techno nights alone can sometimes be a little bit formulaic. But new parties are materializing that fuse the craziest club nights with the most epicurean aspects of cabaret — and the results are tantalizing. With that in mind, Bad Bruises is putting together its second House of Red Doors event over at Wilde Renate, and we're giving away two pairs of tickets. This combination of circus mayhem and '20s-era theatrics promises to be a "surrealist soiree of escapism and transgressions." If you have voyeurism in your veins, put on your wildest getup and prepare for some healthy insanity.


A decadent night of '20s-era entertainment and escapism in one of Berlin's hottest clubs.
To enter a space of outlandish fun, wild getups and some old-fashioned Berlin hedonism.
Wilde Renate, Alt-Stralau 70.
Mar. 24, 10 p.m.
Send your name and email address to jessevanmo@gmail.com for a chance to win 2 tickets. Or book online.